Proud member of the AMA Education System.

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Enjoy our “International OJT Program” and experience working in the global business world.


Find out about our exciting courses such as BS in Office Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Information Technology and Automotive Technology.

The ABE Advantage

At ABE we teach the basic theories of business and commerce with unique and modern approach, our information technology and communication tools are maximized to help students be guided in the modern world and be prepared for the current and forthcoming trends. As a result, ABE students become  self- reliant and innovative in their way of applying business ideals and principles.

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Watch James Reid’s TVC for ABE International Business College!


Enrollment for 2nd Trimester 2016

  All ABE College campuses are accepting enrollees for 2nd Trimester 2016! Freshmen (new enrollees) and transferees are welcome. Enroll now at any ABE campus nearest you!   ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS>> CAMPUS...

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Meet and greet with James Reid at MOA Arena

Students of ABE International Business College and students from other schools under AMA Education System had the wonderful opportunity to meet ABE's official endorser James Reid during the AMA Education System Back to Back Challenge - Shout Out 2015 held at the MOA...

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ABEnians participate in the nationwide #MMShakeDrill

Safety is a top priority in all ABE campuses. In support of the government's campaign for disaster preparedness, ABEnians in different campuses participated in the nationwide #MMShakeDrill. Photo shows students of ABE Cubao Campus doing the Drop, Cover and Hold drill....

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Exceptional Education in Business, HRM and Tourism. Member of AMA Education System.


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Text us:  292 902 6237

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